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Founded by Douglas M. Cluff, M.D., TLC Family Health is a new model of Direct Primary Care (DPC – check out the videos below!), which removes costly insurance and other middlemen from the patient-Primary Care Physician relationship.  We believe it is, or must become, the future of Primary Care, in order for the health care system to survive.  Insurance is important to have for emergencies, but its presence in Primary Care drives up costs significantly, in many ways.  It is similar to auto insurance – we do not expect auto insurance to pay for tune-ups, oil changes, and basic repairs.  You will be amazed at how much overall health care costs can fall when insurance and other middlemen are left out of the equation (especially for labs, in-office tests, injections, and imaging) and you are part of an effective DPC practice.  Click HERE to learn how!

Many ask, "I can see where this would be a great blessing if I was self- or uninsured, but I already have insurance.  How can I justify paying extra?"  Answer:  Most of our patients have insurance, but have realized that their deductibles far exceed our yearly membership fee, and they get a much bigger bang for their buck by joining our practice (not to mention all the perks!). 

Employers will find that this is a wonderful, inexpensive benefit for their employees (receive $10 off the usual price for each, in addition to dependents), and will likely significantly improve their health and decrease lost work days.  Read this to learn more. 

We thank you in advance for having faith in us.  We’re confident you will not regret making us a partner in your care.


do you:

  • Wish you could have a great relationship with a kind PCP, with open communication?
  • Wish you could get all your labs, tests, and injections done at a fraction of the usual cost?  Look right ––> 
  • Wish you could get in more quickly to see your doctor?
  • Wish you could schedule your appointment online, for as long as you need?
  • Have to wait forever for your appointment to start?
  • Feel your doctor doesn't listen enough?
  • Feel visits are rushed?
  • Clearly understand your plan of care?
  • Want to be able to reach him or her in an emergency?
  • Wish you had the option of doing e-visits (e-mail, telephone, and video)?
  • Wish you didn't have to pay extra for procedures?
  • Wish copays weren't so high that they prevented you from seeing the doctor?
  • Think you would enjoy group visits?
  • Want to provide an amazing benefit for your staff?

how it works:

At TLC Family Health, you pay only for the physician’s time and cost of goods (labs, tests, and injections are usually >90% off usual prices, e.g., a cholesterol panel is $4.00; a strep test is $1.19; a Rocephin shot is $1.75), removing any incentive to add unnecessary tests or services.  This drastically reduces overall costs, at the same time improving the patient-physician relationship and quality of care. 

To be seen at TLC Family Health, you have three options:

  1. Pay-as-you-go (“à la carte” – this option is for those who rarely need to see a doctor but still want to have an awesome PCP and amazing benefits, including the drastically discounted labs, tests, etc.) – initial limit 250 patients
  2. Regular membership (a steep discount program, including 90% off physician services) – initial limit 750 patients
  3. One-time visit (see below for details)

  Award at Vitals.com – Nine years running (2008-2016)!

Award at Vitals.com – Nine years running (2008-2016)!


Our OffiCE

TLC Family Health is located in Flower Mound, Texas, east of the intersection of FM 2499 (Long Prairie Road) and Churchill Drive (go east on Churchill from 2499). It’s to the right of the fence you’ll hit if you go straight. The address is:

2601 Churchill Drive, Ste. 100
Flower Mound, TX  75028
Phone:  972-914-9421
Fax:  972-692-5670

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