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Employers:  We warmly invite you to consider providing your employees with a membership to TLC Family Health!  It is a wonderful, inexpensive health benefit, providing them with access to comprehensive primary care and all of our usual benefits and services (it is especially valuable if you cannot afford to provide insurance)!  It will likely significantly improve their health and satisfaction, and decrease lost work days.  Read this to learn more.  CLICK HERE to see our letter to business owners and HR (Human Resources) directors.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us.  Employees in groups of two (2) or more receive 20% off the average adult and child prices:

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If you cannot afford to cover the entire cost, or if you would like your employees to participate by investing in their health, consider splitting the cost with them 50/50. It would only cost $15 (Platinum), $10 (Gold), or $5.50 (Silver) per (semi-monthly) paycheck!

In addition, registration fees are discounted as follows (note that there is no additional registration fee for an employee's dependents): 

  • 25% off ($75 each) for 2-5 employees

  • 50% off ($50 each) for 6-10 employees

  • 75% off ($25 each) for 11-15 employees

  • 100% off (no registration fee) for 16+ employees

Check out the following video!