Note:  For one-time visits, Physician/PA and Other Services are the same as for à la carte patients)

To become a patient at TLC Family Health (pricing for actual Physician/PA and Other Services are listed below):

  1. À la carte
    • Registration fee: $100, $150 for two or more family members
    • Monthly fee:  $5
  2. Regular membership (a steep discount program, including 90% off visits with the Physician/PA and significant discounts for Other Services - some are included at no extra charge):
    • Registration fee: $100, $150 for two or more family members
    • Monthly fee (there is a maximum of $150/month per family):
      • Ages 2-17:  $30 ($5 off if parent is a member)
      • Ages 18-29:  $40 ($5 off if spouse is a member, or if parent is a member for unmarried children up to age 26)
      • Ages 30-54:  $50 ($5 off if spouse is a member)
      • Age 55+:  $60 ($5 off if spouse is a member) 
        • Example: Family of four, two parents 30-54 y/o, and two children under 18: Only $145/month (any additional children will reach a maximum of $150/month per family)
    • Employers:  TLC Family Health is an inexpensive way to provide a wonderful health benefit for your employees.  If you are interested in learning more, contact us.  Employees in groups of two (2) or more each receive $10 off the monthly fee (also applies to dependents).  In addition, registration fees are discounted (note that there is no additional registration fee for an employee's dependents): 
      • 25% off ($75 each) for 2-5 employees
      • 50% off ($50 each) for 6-10 employees
      • 75% off ($25 each) for 11-15 employees
      • 100% off (no registration fee) for 16+ employees

Physician and Physician Assistant (PA) Services**

Visit Pricing 2.png

1) This pricing applies to in-office, telephone, and video visits, which are scheduled in the usual manner; patient portal (e-mail) visits are billed according to total time spent, charged in 5-minute increments ($25 for à la carte, $2.50 for members).  PORTAL VISITS ARE NOT SCHEDULED, but can be sent anytime – they must not be used for urgent matters as response time is based on availability; most responses will occur within a few hours, but almost guaranteed within 24 business hours.

2) Patients schedule their own appointments online (with the exception of portal communications – see above), based on how much time they feel they want or need (also see SCHEDULING below).  Except in cases of emergencies, visits must be kept within the allotted time to avoid forcing subsequent patients to wait. Visits that go 5 or more minutes longer will be charged in 5-minute increments ($25 for à la carte, $2.50 for members). Remember that the practice of medicine (especially Family Medicine, which deals with the whole body, mind and soul) can be very unpredictable, and not all problems are equal (e.g., the evaluation of chest pain takes a lot longer than the evaluation of a skin lesion); therefore, there can be no guarantees as to how much will be accomplished in a particular visit.  Please make sure to reserve enough time to address your problem(s) in a thorough, non-rushed manner.  How much time to reserve should be based on your past experience or the level of complication of the problem(s) needing to be addressed, but here are some examples that may help patients estimate how much time they may desire to reserve:

  • Brief (10-15 minutes – established patients only, i.e., not available for new patients/one-time visits) – e.g., one very simple new problem (e.g., uncomplicated pink-eye or simple skin issue), OR follow-up of, or refill for, 1-2 established, controlled problems
  • Regular (20-30 minutes) – e.g., 1-2 new or uncontrolled problems; OR follow-up of 3-4 established, controlled problems
  • Extended (35-45 minutes) – e.g., Physical exam; OR physical exam AND 1-2 new or uncontrolled problems; OR physical exam AND follow-up of 3-4 established, controlled problems; OR 3-4 new or uncontrolled problems; OR follow-up of 5-6 established, controlled problems
  • Comprehensive (50-60 minutes) – e.g., Physical exam AND 3-4 new or uncontrolled problems; OR physical exam AND follow-up of 5-6 established, controlled problems; OR 5+ new or uncontrolled problems; OR follow up of 7+ established, controlled problems

3)  If PA is available

Other Services**

Pricing table new.png

*Gale Hartschuh, LPC, LMFT

†Patients that require ongoing Schedule II-V controlled substances must be seen every 3 months until stable for 6 months, then every 6 months thereafter. Narcotics and benzodiazepines (such as Valium and Xanax) are not prescribed for regular, long-term use. They will not be prescribed without signing and abiding by our Controlled Substances Contract.


TLC Family Health has developed a unique scheduling system:

1.    Patients schedule their own appointments online, reserving the type and length of appointment needed.

2.    Instead of simply specifying a start time, blocks of time are reserved, just like a lesson or class.  For example, if you schedule a 20-30-minute appointment, your appointment must conclude at the latest 30 minutes after the start time – if more time is needed, another appointment will need to be scheduled, or a follow-up phone call can be made (charged in 5-minute increments, i.e., $25 for à la carte, $2.50 for members). This will ensure that subsequent patients can be seen on time. As such, please arrive with plenty of lead time to be able to be checked in and begin your visit at the appointed time. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early if you are an established patient, and 25-30 minutes early if you are a new patient. If you arrive late, you may still see the doctor up until the end of the block. In emergencies, visits that go 5 or more minutes longer will be charged in 5-minute increments ($25 for à la carte, $2.50 for members).


If no appointments are available within an acceptable period of time, please send us a message through the patient portal.  If you do not receive a response within an acceptable period of time, call us at 972-914-9421.

Late policy**

If you know you are going to be late, please let us know. If there is still an adequate amount of time left in your appointment slot, you may still come in, but your visit must still end at the appointed time (see Scheduling section above). If you cannot make it in or otherwise prefer, you have the option of converting your visit to a telephone or video visit. If you must reschedule, as a courtesy to other patients who may need the appointment slot, try to do so at least 2 hours prior to your appointment start time. For à la carte patients only, the following late cancellation and no-show policies apply:

Late and no-show policy.png

Example of potential yearly savings for members

Note that patients make an average of only 1.5-2 visits per year to their PCP, mainly because of cost; it is estimated that if cost were not a significant issue, patients would make 4+ visits per year to their PCP; this example table includes two regular and two extended visits:

Potential yearly savings 3.png

The above table does not include additional savings achieved through:

  1. Additional office visits, e-visits (e-mail) or tele-visits (phone or video), provided at 90% off
  2. Valuable time (usually a few hours) and wear-and-tear on your car saved by not having to come into the office because of e- or tele-visits
  3. Additional Interactive Group Seminars, provided at 50% off
  4. Appointments with the Licensed Professional Counselor, provided at 35% off
  5. The many valuable discounts for procedures, X-rays, labs, and incidentals outlined above
  6. Being able to contact the physician via his personal cell number for emergencies, reducing the need for more office, urgent or emergent care visits (which may save hundreds to thousands of dollars)
  7. Real but incalculable savings from improved health and nutrition, likely reducing need for more office, urgent or emergent care visits, in addition to fewer medications and supplements/vitamins
  8. Discounts provided by seeing the Physician Assistant (25% off, when available)
  9. Reduced cost (50% off) of SLIM TLC program
  10. No extra charge for forms, administration fees, medical record review, or refill of schedule II controlled substances between visits
  11. …etc.!

** May be subject to change