If you’ve ever wondered how powerful good nutrition can be in improving your health…

Take the 4-Day, 4-Diamond (4◊) Challenge!


Oh, the miracles that can happen in your health in just four days… For just four days, we challenge you to eat only foods from the four healthy diamonds of our Nutrition Star (all but the “W” or “Whatever” diamond), which is our healthy eating guide:

4-Diamond and Whatever Foods.PNG

Download and tweak this list of ideas for 4◊ foods and meal/snack ideas!

(If you are vegetarian or vegan, simply leave out the fatty seafood.)

See what a difference our clean, healthy, anti-inflammatory diet can make in your:

  • Weight

  • Blood pressure

  • Blood sugar

  • Acid reflux

  • Erectile function

  • Inflammatory skin conditions

  • Arthritis flare-ups

  • Stooling patterns (constipation)

  • Energy level

  • Addictions (sugar and other cravings)

  • Sleeping patterns

  • Overall sense of well-being

Nutrition Star Final.jpg


Please use wisdom and common sense before taking this challenge. For example, if you have certain medical conditions that may be negatively affected by this dietary approach, or are on medicines for the treatment of certain conditions like diabetes and hypertension (because of the potential large drop in blood sugar and/or pressure), please consult your doctor before proceeding.

After the four days are over, try to follow our simple formula for long-term health and weight management:
4:1 when actually hungry.

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