À la Carte:

  • Decreased wait times
  • Extended office visits
  • E-visits (via e-mail) and tele-visits (phone and video)
  • Transparent pricing
  • Simple online scheduling with pre-visit history creation
  • Many ancillary services (flu, strep, and urine tests, casting) provided at cost with $10 admin fee
  • 25% off visits with Physician Assistant (when available)
  • Significantly discounted labs and imaging (arranged through outside facilities)
  • Enjoyable, personalized care with enhanced communication and relationship of trust
  • Procedures provided at cost (physician time + cost of goods utilized and pathology if applicable)
  • $5 off Group Visits
  • Grand rounds (provider roundtable discussion of puzzling cases, by request – fees apply)
  • Patient mentoring – successful patients mentor others (on a volunteer basis)
  • Physician’s cell phone number for emergencies (unless life-threatening – call 911): Text “Call (first name) NOW” if immediate return call is neededif it is OK for the doctor to call back as soon as available (usually within 2 hours), text “Call (first name) SOON.”  Usual visit rates apply.

Members - all of the above PLUS:

  • One free comprehensive (35-45-minute) visit each year (may be used for a physical exam) with the doctor, or one comprehensive + one regular (20-30-minute) visit with the PA
  • 90% off all Physician and Physician Assistant visits, including e-visits and tele-visits
  • Free care coordination with specialists (limitations may apply)
  • 35% off visits with Licensed Professional Counselor (contracted, not employed), if available
  • One free Group Visit per month – can accumulate, transferable to others; other group visits 80% off
  • 75% off of EKGs and Pulmonary Function Tests
  • 50% off the SLIM TLC program
  • Free lifetime subscription to SLIM TLC Online
  • 90% off of Grand Rounds (weekly round table discussions between the providers to discuss puzzling cases, available by request)
  • Forms and letters completed for free
  • 90% off late cancellation and no-show fees
  • No extra admin fees