SLIM TLC is a comprehensive lifestyle and weight management program provided through TLC Family Health.  It has two meanings, the most important of which is becoming SLIM through Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. SLIM also stands for the optional use of a Short-term, Low-dose, Intermittent, Mid-day appetite suppressant – for those who desire and qualify.  We also provide you with the education, professional guidance, support, and accountability most people need to achieve long-term health and weight loss success.


The SLIM TLC program is based on the latest, sound principles of nutrition, fitness, and long-term weight loss, and includes:

  • Individualized guidance, provided through an initial (40-minute) one-on-one visit, followed by once-monthly 20-minute visits (extra visits:  $50 per 20 minutes)

  • Twice-monthly 45-minute group visits for support and troubleshooting

  • An optional phentermine prescription prescribed the SLIM way: Short-term (for a maximum of one year), Low-dose (18.75 mg), Intermittent (20 doses per month), taken Mid-day (30-45 minutes before or two hours after lunch). Prescriptions are only provided during one-on one visits, if at least one group visit has been attended within the previous month, and if continued efforts are being made at learning SLIM TLC principles and making lifestyle changes (tracked by special goal-setting and record-keeping tools)

  • Program materials (“TLC University”), including our nutrition guidelines (the 4:1 Rule and Nutrition Star) and tools for troubleshooting, simple, effective goal-setting, habit modification, and breaking addictions. Also includes KidTLC.

  • Optional visits with our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach ($60 per 50 minutes)



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There are no special foods or supplements to buy – participants eat real food, incorporated into their normal lives, a crucial key to long-term success.

The cost of the optional phentermine prescription should be quite low since it is generic, and you receive only ten 37.5 mg tablets/month (which are broken in half).

Gold and Platinum members of TLC Family Health receive 50% off program costs; Silver members receive 25% off.

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Follow SLIM TLC on Facebook

Follow SLIM TLC on Facebook


Simply send us a message and let us know you are ready to begin, and we will call you to take your payment over the phone. Next, download the SLIM TLC Initial Patient Packet.  This contains a brief questionnaire, a Food and Exercise Log (which, in order to make the most out of our first visit, must be kept for at least three days prior to your initial visit), and a simple contract (you only need to sign this if you desire the optional phentermine prescription).  Then, book a 40-minute appointment with Dr. Cluff for your initial SLIM TLC visit (at which you will receive the SLIM TLC Program Materials), and we look forward to seeing you!

If you have any further questions, send us a message or call us at 972-914-9421!

Succeed…but this time for life!