The mission

The overall mission of TLC Family Health is to create a model of Primary Care Medicine that fixes all the main issues currently facing the health care system. Specifically, it is threefold:

  1. Improve the health of the nation, one patient at a time (primarily through improved care and “TLC,” i.e., Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes)
  2. Improve efficiency and decrease costs (and the large amount of waste in the health care system, inflicted by unnecessary testing, referrals, office visits, and urgent/emergent care visits, excessive administrative burden, and the insurance middle man)
  3. Save Primary Care and the health care system*

This is a dynamic adventure, and we will strive to make changes in our model that will move us ever closer to fulfilling our mission. Evolve with us and become part of the solution.

*Consider reading the following articles found in Medical Economics: